Yama Music 001


YAMU001 23 Apr, 2018

The UK based label will offer up several releases throughout 2018 and Yama Music 001 perfectly sets the tone of what’s to follow. Taking the lead here is ‘Margaret Made Me Do It’ which lays down woozy synth tones and modulating glitches alongside a snaking sub bass groove, shuffled minimalistic percussion and an amalgamation of contemplative spoken word vocal cuts to create a tripped-out opening to the record.
‘Ddderlooon Party’ follows and retains a similar aesthetic with swinging drums and ethereal atmospherics at its core whilst hypnotic, billowing synths ebb and flow dynamically across the composition, again creating something raw yet refined. Then lastly to round out the package ‘Moon Boots’ tips the focus over to a more straight percussive groove and stirs in vacillating low-end pulses, murky, evolving stabs and mind-bending electronic blips.

Lossless wav is great, but vinyl sounds better :) Just add 30% of this price of the release to have a bundle of the vinyl & digital on our physical record store.

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