Going For You


VQSE016 13 Jan, 2022

Visionquest Special Editions returns from its three year slumber with a five track effort by Theoretical Speed. Originally formed in Berlin 2008 by label head Ryan Crosson and Foundsound’s Ben Parris, Crosson has revived the alias in recent years with a previous EP on Visionquest Special Editions in 2018 with remixes by Akufen and Pola and an appearance on Nerv Music. The EP also sees Crosson team up again with friend and regular collaborator Cali Lanauze of Opulence fame. Across the five tracks, Crosson touches on his love for swinging rhythms, glitchy distortion, earthy pads that echo afternoons on the canal at Club der Visionaere and the twisted mornings of mid 2000s after hours.

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