Shimmer - Original Mix


TECHUM002-2 01 Nov, 2021

We are delighted to share you that Taupe releases on Deeptrax’ Tech-um label. After releasing on Indigo Aera’s AE-X and Impress records in Berlin, Taupe launched his own recordlabel: Colours Records. On ‘Two sides of the same coin’ EP, Taupe displays his dualistic take on the techno genre, celebrating both its beauty and ruggedness.

With the Detroitish opener ‘Altum’, Taupe guides the listener into a blissful rabbit hole, filled with dreamlike-arpeggiators and pounding rhythms, bringing ultimo sci-fi sounds from far away.
‘Shimmer’ brings subtle acidic squelches, crisp hats and modulating synths paving the way into destination unknown.

On the B-side, Taupe takes a sudden left into more dark terrain. The menacing ‘Joker’ teases, agitates but ultimately drives you into a Dionysian state of madness which reminds us of Jeff Mills his fierce Axis stuff. Lastly, ‘Black Box’ will make sure that any residual ounce of energy in your body will get extracted with this vein 303 styled monster track!

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