Shimmy Sham Sham 010


SSS010 24 Oct, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the Shimmy Sham Sham sessions.
When people talk about Summertime vibes it’s most often associated with the obvious: good weather, sweet drinks, waterside locales, and a much-needed departure from the daily grinds of work, school, and off-season doldrums. One thing most tend to overlook however are the smells. It’s the smell of the summer season that really infects the spirit; being attacked by the olfactory seducing aromas of suntan lotions, watermelon, Ck one summer spray overuse, piña colada mixes, BBQ grill emanations, and perhaps most importantly of all, sweat. Dripping, oozing, sticky buckets of lovely sweat everywhere. Whether that is happening poolside, in the bedroom, or, as the case clearly is with this ridiculous three-tracker of party bombs, on the dance floor.
The whole wide world of Disc Jockeys now have access from everything to “Don’t stop the music” a slick power wash of classic French disco, to a rollicking jazz piano-led jam by an operator hereby known as Professor Twirl-hair.
In the heat of the night, let those sweaty numbers melt your worries. No top hat and gator shoes required…just shake that ass!

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