Shimmy Sham Sham 007


SSS007 07 Jul, 2014

Badabim badabum here we go again, the Shimmy Sham Sham team brings you another little nugget of love for your summer bacchanals. The season of cold cocktails, skin roasting under the sun and long afternoon spent under a willow tree is finally back. Hallelujah !
This one is dedicated for those of you who are searching for something better, searching for someone to love and searching for a way to rise higher. As the diva says, swinging the white feathers boa over he naked shoulder : “No need to make a fuss or look for a fight when all we want to do is just to make it right”. Right?
In that spirit, the good folks here at Shimmy Sham Sham recommend you to sit back and relax. Put on your favorite pink brazilian bikini, fix yourself a yuzu shower and enjoy the breeze while keeping you lazy eyes open. Something might happen, someone might show up that will make you rise higher and higher, into the next sphere. When love makes you fly, you gotta love to fly.

Yuzu Shower
2oz Vodka
1oz Yuzu juice, preferably freshly grown in your living room. Accept no substitute 1/2oz Agave syrup
Egg white for foam
Soda water
1 drop of bitter
Shake the yuzu juice, agave syrup, vodka and ice.
Pour in cocktail glass, complete with soda water, top with foam and add a drop of bitter.

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