Shimmy Sham Sham 006


SSS006 17 Feb, 2014

With the dawn of a new year it’s time to pump more mysterious funk into the dancefloor with your favourite provider of under-the-radar edits, grooves, jams and workouts, the one and only Shimmy Sham Sham.
This time around there are three delectable and diverse cuts to choose from, whether you’re ready for the heat of the night or the lull of the morning. The A side is one long, emotional ride through the most dreamy of deep house with a heart-wracking soul vocal that may be familiar to some. On the flip, the B1 is a feisty machine workout that leaves enough room for some crafty flute bites and dramatic synth stabs, while the B2 comes sidling up with a sweet message of beautifully filtered chords slowly poured over a bubbly bassline, the beat lazily skipping into the perfect laconic groove to set your mind at ease.
Keeping the clutter of names and reference points out of the picture, SSS006 leaves you with three fine compositions of high-grade house music that speak to your soul.

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