Shimmy Sham Sham 005


SSS005 28 Aug, 2013

In a feverish blur of looping goodness, Shimmy Sham Sham delivers the fifth installment in its on-going celebration of classic funk and disco, paying tribute to the building blocks of dance music by fashioning them into more dynamic shapes to suit the needs of the modern dance.

Beyond the reach of the average re-edit, the cuts you can enjoy on this record take all manner of deeply rooted sources and craft exciting new combinations from them. On one side you have a focused disco burner that works some flamboyant chops of vocal over sharp guitar licks while keeping the groove simmering at all times. On the flip a more loose, jazz-powered collage blossoms around a central double-bass hook, letting organic smatterings of percussion, laconic saxophone, emotive strings and all manner of other atmospherics unfurl into the mix at will.

Keeping true to the sonority of the source material and wielding just a subtle touch of electronics in the mix, the latest Shimmy Sham Sham plots a course even further into the realms of crate-digging creativity.

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