Shimmy Sham Sham 002


SSS002 07 Dec, 2009

You didn’t think we would let you go after just one hit, did you? Rest assured, what you just heard was the gong ringing round two!
[Shimmy Sham]; The act of getting a piece of the muffin…In the end, just anoooooooother word for sex.
Let’s try our new knowledge in a sentence, shall we:
Silky Soul Singer: “Hey lady, so how ’bout tonight you let me get a lil’ shimmy sham? Grace Mendoza: “WHAAAAAAAT’s going on with you? I see no ring on those fingers!?!?!”
In the heat of the night, let those sweaty numbers melt down any worries. No top hat and gator shoes required… Just shake that ass!

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