From A Distance EP


SALINDEEP1 03 Sep, 2021

Tour-Maubourg & Christophe Salin are kicking off Salin Deep, Salin Records’ sublabel dedicated to raw and dub- inuenced house music. Every Record Sleeve is handprinted by Daria Salin (limited edition of 300). Ever since they met at Fête de la Musique in 2018, Tour-Maubourg and Christophe Salin have had a soul-mate kind of relationship. Their rst collaboration took place with the release of Tour-Maubourg’s Duophonie EP on Salin Records (March 2020). Following this, both were keen to take the collaboration to the next level by creating a mutual EP which was initially planned to be made in the Autumn of 2020 at the Villette 45 Studio in Paris. Following a worldwide turn of events, this was no longer possible – as the EP’s title ‘From A Distance’ suggests. However, both parties found alternative ways to create, write and mix tracks together despite the 1000 km distance between Paris & Lübeck. Salin Deep gave both artists the freedom to discover new musical territories. Their mutual inuences and inspirations culminated in an EP intended to take the listener on a deep journey, something we love to do with all our releases. Daria Salin encompassed the sublabel’s vibe as well as the concept of ‘distance’ into her artwork by aggressively zooming into her portraits of Tour-Maubourg & Christophe Salin. This way, the beholder is forced to keep a certain distance if they wish to see the two faces printed on the vinyl sleeve.

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