It’s Probably Me EP


SALIN011 02 Apr, 2021

Christophe Salin delivers “It’s Probably Me EP” on his very own imprint – a modern interpretation of a classic house EP. Christophe further deepens the love for details in his productions, which were evident in his recent remixes for Sable Blanc & Tour-Maubourg. This EP marks a shift in sound and style that both surprises and arouses curiosity whilst still retaining Christophe’s sonic signature.
House music is about love, respect and equality. It brings together beautiful people from all over the world and creates unforgettable memories. It’s a shelter – a place where you can be free. This EP is a love letter to house which Christophe fell in love with back in 1999, a love that never faded.
Iron Curtis joins the Salin family with his remix contribution of the title track to which he lent his distinctive sound that we love so much.
Daria Salin once again proves her talent for capturing moods and sharing it with us through her paintings. Holding the artwork in your hands whilst listening to the music will let you experience being caught in the moment; at once being yourself and finding freedom.
We hope to meet you in our house.

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