Beyond Salty Island EP


SALIN004 02 Nov, 2018

Salin Records gained a great reputation in 2018 as Daria Christophe Salin brought their platform for art and electronic music to its desired place; a place where beautiful souls are sharing beautiful art. The name Salinwas chosen because the original idea of this project was born on the saline beaches. Beyond Salty Island is to show the diversity of house music; like a journey through this beautiful genre. But also from another point of view this EP takes you on a hourney as were going from France, via Germany, via Italy all the way to Siberia. Sable Blanc (France) open the EP with Gentle Washing, a pure beauty that makes you want to dance in the sand barefoot and instantly takes your mind, body and soul on a trip. Christophe (Germany) was also very keen on being part of this EP and contributes some warm, groovy, hypnotic jazzy-house vibes with I Want To Love You 2. The charming Italian Gledd (Italy) moves your hips and lets you enjoy the here and now with More Times. We never thought that our journey will end up in Siberia, however, it couldnt be more beautiful. Eddi Shkiper (Siberia) will take you to places of freedom and peace of mind. Let yourself go and enjoy the journey

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