Will You Be There EP


SALIN003 14 Sep, 2018

The ”Will You Be There EP” completes the ”Christophe Salin – EP Series”. He is taking us on his musical journey and paves the way for cooperation with future artists on his very own imprint ”Salin Records” that he runs with his wife Daria Salin as a platform for electronic music and art.
”To Love” is what it’s all about; Love your next one, love yourself, love what you do, love music and art. Needing a bridge at this point nothing would be sweeter than a little excursion to the French touch sound and vibes of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. So, the A-Side ends up with a question ”Shall I Give Love Another Try”flip side ”I’ll Think Of You” keeps this mood until ”Your Soul” takes us slowly over to the final declaration of love ”Lullaby for Daria”.

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