PG004 29 Mar, 2021

Two decades have passed since Pedro Goya’s first single LP release. What were fun records with barely any technical knowledge became pieces with a recognisable and inimitable sonic personality. Pedro’s formula stands out for its pulsing basslines, striking rhythms and a timelessness that he imprints on his music. It is not house or techno or even tech house, it is a hybrid; “You can see it belongs to Pedro Goya.”

The new album “Sycamore” carries a new aesthetic, however the dancefloor vision and functionality is still present. Listening through we could believe that many of the tracks included in this new album were produced in the 80’s. An example of this is “One Iota;” if Dave Gahan were on vocals, we could firmly believe this track was extracted from one of the oldest Depeche Mode albums.

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