Modern Bliss


PE011 17 Apr, 2020

One of the first visitors to Planet Euphorique, Melbourne-based producer Roza Terenzi makes her triumphant return with the first LP release on the label. A playful yet cohesive collection from post-electro and extra-terrestrial techno to dreamy prog-house and low slung zingers, bumping us into the new decade. Modern Bliss, the sound of Roza Terenzi fully realized.

Never shy to experiment with unconventional sounds or mingle influences, the album presents 9 offerings to suit every flavor of raver. Opener, “Jungle in the City,” takes down-tempo to a new astral plane with blushing pads and tumbling pixels, perfectly poised for a spine-tingling after hours sunrise.The title track “Modern Bliss” featuring Barcelona based singer/producer Ivy Barkakati encapsulates the dancefloor euphoria we have come to expect from Terenzi; in essence the energy of this release, contemporary jubilation and contentment amongst a chaotic world. Flickering percussion prancing above deep rolling bottom end, allowing bubbling stabs and synth sequences to lift Barkakati’s intoxicating vocals to dizzy heights. “Exactly where I need to be, my thoughts create reality” truer words…

Flipping it over to the B side things heat up, “Yo-Yo” chimes in immediately with a tough onslaught of metallic polyrhythms and a pulsating melodic bassline coaxing you down a path less travelled and preparing you for the sexy sub action that demands your attention, “That Track (Rewired Mix)”, buckle up to sweat. Sweet relief comes with the C side “Exhale”, dipping in tempo; esoteric atmospheres to fill your ears, something fresh to absorb with each listen. To close off the record, something old and something new, “Eternal Lust” a delicate ode to the lovers and from the vaults “My Reality Cheque Bounced (Feat. DJ Zozi)” – a raucous party starter serving up that label defining sound, futuristic and bombastic, tipping its hat to the break.

With subconscious salutes to the astrological world of OG maven Fiorella Terenzi, “Modern Bliss” invites you into an encapsulating, electronically ethereal universe. A record to summarize the myriad of diverse and evolving sides to Roza Terenzi, the full length allowing her to capture a moment in time with possibilities to transcend dance music expectations. It’s the listeners’ decision whether to take a personal introspective journey through the sounds – or share the bliss with friends, united strangers and all those who dance in harmony on the tiny Planet Euphorique…

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