Mobile Sorcery


PE009 26 Nov, 2019

Levi Bruce, aka Unknown Mobile, has been a prominent figure of the Canadian Underground for quite some time. He resides in Montreal and has contributed to a number of North American labels. It seems only natural that he is the next release on Planet Euphorique.

“Mobile Sorcery” could be his most rhythmically diverse 12” yet, recorded in just a couple of weekends it breaks free from 4 to the floor, experimenting confidently with syncopation, voices dipping in and out of focus. The opener Broke Melt presents a driving baseline filled with attitude, flickers of glistening synth arpeggios to soften the clanging drum patterns, working in harmony with delicate top lines. The hypnotic haze of textures carries through the record, A2 lifting in energy; shooting stabs, ricocheted sub base filling the space between commanding snares. The Beat Dub of Sorcery strips the track back to the essentials, resulting in a perfect tool for DJ’s building tension. Surprisingly keeping the essence of the tune whilst offering hints of more dubbed, percussive club pushing UK bass.

The B Side explores more of these unconventional rhythmic themes whilst highlighting the power of melody. Heavenly Depression accurately depicting it’s title, pulling on the struggle of your emotions through an ever-progressing lead woven tightly over sweeping pads. The closing track Wilders Lake ties the record together cohesively, lifted stabs to calm the tripped out percussion swooping in and out, growling bass alluding to darkness. The EP blends genres to create new feelings from familiar foundations, channelling Detroit inspired grit and emotion; well rounded to suit hazed and hedonistic dance-floors.

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