Dream Portal


PE008 23 Sep, 2019

Planet Euphorique continues to transcend boundaries and expectations with its lucky eighth release “Dream Portal”, a 4-track EP by Ronan.

The three tracks, plus a bonus remix from elusive, tech-wiz Reptant, were recorded over a two week period in Bogota, Colombia. Conjuring up vivid spectacles of a mysterious labyrinth; bodies unleashed and moving in unison.

The title track, Dream Portal, unlocks the gateway via a dank, sway-worthy roller, equally menacing and eclipsing, paving the way for the A2 “Crystal Viewer” where propelling snares layer across delicate harmonic tension and spatial delay. Springing sub bass filling the low ends to complete the fusion of trance-licked breakbeat and ethereal techno.

On the flip the situation continues to rise, Star Fissure delving into high-octane enlightened electro. Slick rolls and percussive fills make this a daring DJ’s dream. Kicks that feel like you’re being punched in the face, yet begging for more. Deep and driving, with delicate pads to take you into that elevated state. Meanwhile, the Reptant remix rolls up and lets you know it’s arrived. Attitude on tap, delivering lizard-tech to be teamed with a smoke machine on overdrive. Dripping bleeps and razored hi-hats to accentuate the originals’ naughty flair.

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