Chaos Light EP


OYSTER17 17 Nov, 2021

Casting the net ever wider, Kalahari Oyster Cult have drawn in new music and a new artist for their latest release. Flora FM, a.k.a. Community Corporation a.k.a. T. Hawkins, has graced imprints such as Argot and Vanity and now debuts with Chaos Light. Trying to define the style of this sound weaver is a near impossible task, the gamut of electronics has been plundered to create this unique EP. From the aquatic hypnotics of “Hallucinogenic Worm” and the hyperactive energy of “Chrome Glass”, Flora FM borrows from acid house, rave anthems and techno with a magpie like curiosity as he melts textures and tones like a master. Broken beats and rich xylophonic melodies coalesce in the bubbling “Storm Cleaned” before the warm bath that is the Chicago hued “Insist on You.” Chaos Light keeps you guessing until the very end, the erratic and frenzied reductions of beat and bass combining to form “Inc Stop.” A youngster with the ear and ability of a seasoned veteran.

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