Notes From Isolation Part III


NFI003 24 Feb, 2022

Ryan Crosson presents Notes From Isolation Part III. The final album in his series created during the pandemic shut down of 2020 and based upon the isolation he felt while be secluded from friends and family and his passion of life on the dance floor. This last chapter in the series ratchets up the intensity to bring a proper crescendo and fitting end to his album trifecta.

“Villain of My Story” leads the listener to granular soundscapes and piano stabs flying in and around each other with reckless abandon. The opener progresses with elements that remind the listener of Bola’s recordings on Skam in the early aughts but keep a heavy nod toward the dystopian future. The tension of the current era is displayed as a sort of time stamp: timeless music but clearly right on time with it’s quick tempo’s and unabashed nature.

On track three, “Herner Werzog”, is like throwing Aguirre into the confused mechanized future where the piano’s buoyant percussiveness wraps the listener into a beautiful drum beat. “Landscape Honda” delivers us a guitar drenched plateau to dream on, before heading into the pastures of ‘Mass Shooting” with which we land on a blissful sun-drenched peak.

“VoiceMouthFace” gives us the idea of what our body as percussion sounds like through 8 bit destruction, blasting off into space where we are left at “Interstellar” which perfectly captures the feeling of orbital liftoff toward unknown worlds. It sounds how space would feel. Gustav Holst, composer of the orchestral suite “The Planets” would like this sound. Maybe this album has been a way to escape, to blast out of reality to the far regions of the galaxy where none of these earthly trivial pursuits matter. As we realize we are still, for now, on this planet, we have “Antidepressant” to gently bring us back down before we step out of the door into reality on our Earth.

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