Purpose to the Culture LP


MAU001 19 Dec, 2021

Venezuelan Producer Giorgio Maulini releases his first album ‘Purpose to the Culture’.
It is a 10 track LP where electronic music meets old-school hip-hop breakbeats with a very rich house-music influence. The album has already received great support from heavyweights as Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear, Luciano, Archie Hamilton between others.

In this album Giorgio offers a delightfull piece of work and a very characteristic personality wich defines his sound.
This interesting character has been offering a very curious and exciting catalog of music in the last coupple of years and has a great schedule of releases for the next one too.
Labels such as Pleasure Zone, Rawax, OGE and Kindisch, to name a few from his portfolio.
He is also a resident DJ for the big Swiss Caprices festival and Modernity events based in Crans-Montana, a ski resort where he resides and works as a proffessional ski instructor and runs his own events and label ‘Underground Town’.

The album has a very special vibe from beginning to end. A mature work where you can actually listen to the amount of work and attention to detail the venezuelan has crafted into this beautiful release.

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