My Oddity EP


LSZ001 16 Dec, 2022

Ben Balance inaugurates his Love, Sex & Zodiacs imprint this January with the four-track rave tinged ‘My Oddity’ EP.

Ben Balance: ” Love, Sex & Zodiacs is the relaunch of myself. After selling thousands of records through my labels Sukhumvit, Yaji, NCSS (NOW CLOSED) – I will focus on this project and only self-release here. The music stands for love, emotions, sex, energy. This is Berlin, this is what music, art and Berlin means to me. I’m also a gallery owner and Sculpture artist and will soon open a gallery in Berlin, which will then showcase the music and the art that goes with it. The label will be supported by, who will contribute to the designs that Love Sex & Zodiacs will offer.”

Up first on the release is ‘New York’, a high-octane rave influenced cut infused with dynamism courtesy of multilayered, ever oscillating synth lines, robotic voices and a skippy, up-tempo drum groove. ‘Online’ follows next and edges into dreamy realms courtesy of an ethereal, billowing atmosphere, elongated sub bass tones, squelchy acid licks and crisp drums while simulated spoken word sporadically weaves its way into the composition.

‘Toy’ follows next and merges trippy, pitched vocals with a vacillating synth lead and a robust rhythm before ‘LA’ rounds out the release on a deeper tip via dubbed out stab sequences, airy pads, low-slung drums and bubbling percussive delays.

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