Extract CDV


LOG791 25 Feb, 2022

Extract CDV is a 4 tracks serie extracted from the Live At Club Der Visionäre to be released each month before the full release due to April, 15th 2022

The Live at Club Der Visionäre is, perhaps, a continuation of the Live at Contact in Tokyo: the stripped backed accessibility of Bruno’s live sound. But this one is fresher and bigger. The things we loved about his live sets are still intact – the spontaneity, grooviness and sexiness. Shakers and snares galore. Bruno’s flow keeps you on the dance floor like always. However, With Live at Club Der Visionäre there are newer elements: stronger sound, bigger bass lines. What stands out the most here may be the frequent use of his vocals. It seems like they have always been there, but now they are more pronounced, full and warm. This is new, but oddly familiar.

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