See With Sound


KHOI004 17 Oct, 2019

1.Fight back

As sirens slowly stir up a quiet tension
of resistance, Beats shuffle and build in the dancehall. Distant panning horns echo across the walls, punctuated by tumbling drums that propel you to march And fight back.

2.Visiting hours

The rolling percussive angular rhythms whirr and accelerate The sonic plate, layered with soothing beams of sound. Pensive tones inquire and float
over a dense pulsing sonic structure.
Their pensive tones inquire and float
Over a dense pulsing sonic structure

3. We, the workers

Driving Industrial synths make love with acid Machines in the Space Disco. crescending aural dawn bring new sounds glowing around you.

4. The germination of sound

Like scenery from a train window as chunky synth blocks tumble past
The sound scenery washes over you, travelling and flowing past neon sounds that fade in and out.
Bringing you back to the beginning – a memory in your hands

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