In Progress


JV02 30 Oct, 2019

D’Julz is back with the second installment in his JV series – a vinyl-only endeavour_x000B_showcasing music from D’Julz. A seasoned pro with years in the game, deep musical_x000B_knowledge and a natural flair for groove, He is widely regarded within the underground club_x000B_scene among both his peers and dancefloors devotees alike. On JV02 we get two fresh new_x000B_cuts from the D’Julz lab, ready to whisk the dancefloor away to a groovy alternate_x000B_dimension…

On side A it’s ‘In Progress’, a smooth, sensual track that will tantalise your nerve endings_x000B_and get you swinging your hips seductively. The warm bassline flows like sweet nectar as_x000B_jazzy elements envelop the low end, adding a typically classy atmosphere to the cut. D’Julz_x000B_keeps the beats swinging, with a jaunty energy throughout. Sultry and full of positive vibes,_x000B_this is bound to get the dancefloor moving._x000B_Flip the record over for ‘M’, a breakbeat driven cut that begins with an ominous feel. Vintage_x000B_effects give this one a retro feel, though D’Julz is careful not to go too far down the old_x000B_school route, maintaining a contemporary sheen throughout. As the track progresses he_x000B_turns up the brightness, incorporating a range of layers that give ‘M’ a buoyant, almost_x000B_dreamlike latter half. By the end we’re in a state of muted ecstasy… wonderful.

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