Atmospheres EP


DPTX023 25 Jun, 2020

One of Newcastle’s best kept secrets’; The Jaffa Kid dabbles in techno, ambient, jungle, electro and IDM on a plethora of different gear and setups from his studio towards the wide world.

After releasing pure gold on labels such as La Beauté Du Négatif, Recycled Plastics and Brokntoys, The Jaffa Kid is finally back releasing his teasing “Atmosphere EP”(DPTX023), on Deeptrax Records; Friesland’s most prolific underground label connected to the world’s most eco friendly vinyl pressing plant Deepgrooves in Leeuwarden,The Netherlands.

Ice cold goose bump pads, cutting edge synths and stone-rough drum programming, coated with an intense Braindance/Rephlex scent; The Jaffa Kid feels like nobody else with this deep kaleidoscopic sound in big demand for clubs today. Keep your head cool whilst your body sweats and moves on the jams and the grooves of this up and coming mysterious UK originator.

A1 – The Jaffa Kid – Mortis – 6:37
A2 – The Jaffa Kid – E-Smith – 5:41
B1 – The Jaffa Kid – Taqwona – 4:57
B2 – The Jaffa Kid – A Galaxy – 6:21

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