DPTX020 20 May, 2019

The visionary Tim Jackiw from the Australian Detroit and deep house scene, announces his debut double vinyl album on Deeptrax Records. His unique aquatic, calming and melodic signature brings us from sci-fi spiritual deep house towards late night +313 groovin’ techno, all in a lustrous, dreamy and nu-classical style. All material was made between 2014 to 2019 by Tim Jackiw in his home studio, where his imagination reached the ultimate. From the playful techy driving opener ‘Direct Access’ to the deep intimate spiritual deep house heaven of ‘ Beyond the family’ rolling into unknown territory with epic endless almost twelve minutes grooves from ‘Solar’ floating into the densely padded, heavily Detroit influenced immaculate ‘Cryo Tube Slumber’. This intimate, sincere, dreamy and positive double album bounds the mind, body and soul and let you dream, drift and dance under the silver moon… Astrally scoped into blissfully timeless appeal.

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