Forgotten Times


DPTX010 01 Jan, 2018

Tserg, the 25-year-old producer from the smallest country of South-East Asia, Singapore, has been creating music for quite a while now. As he calls it himself: “Music is like my secret 2nd life, because I don’t tell many people about it. It is my escape from school and work.”

Written over a period of 4 months, Forgotten Times is about the dreams we once had and forgot, the present moments that we forget to cherish and the ideals we used to believe and fight for but no longer do so. The intro is a hopeful track for the time when we started to dream. By the time we reach the outro, these memories have become fragmented and we struggle to even remember them. Thankfully, time travel has always been possible in our minds when we think about the past or future. This Transmat like production by Tserg brings us from the future to the past in Forgotten Times but the listener is free to travel in whichever direction they want.

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