Deep Series 1


DPTRX11 12 Feb, 2018

Proudly we present the first various artists sampler on Deeptrax Records called Deep Series 1. After receiving demos from artists all over the world we found beautiful tracks that would fit perfectly together on a great sampler for home listening or proper DJ massacre.

MCM starting off with a minimalist analogue techno groover. That flows into a great atmospheric acid track from LOWE AKE USER. Next to that, the mysterious 1989…

The B side of this EP is more focussed on minimalistic house music. One half of tsempoo named Tserg already did his wonderful debut EP on Deeptrax. Together with a friend he releases music under his second alias named tsempoo. Rich P, who will do multiple releases on Deeptrax ending the EP with a simplistic though wonderful handcrafted techno. An EP full of heavy drum rhythms, moody synth lines and ambient soundscapes throughout.

Limited to 250 copies pressed at Deepgrooves!

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