Lost In Misty Byways


DISCOBAR07 19 Jul, 2017

Light on his feet but not afraid to throw a punch when required, Robin Ordell rustles up three insouciant but meaty groovers for his second Discobar release. ‘Auguste III’ stretches languorously across, skippy hats cutting through the rolling, bass groove in his now unmistakeable style. ‘Lost In Misty Byways’ goes for a more sprightly walk in the park, but its nonchalance becomes increasingly threatened by dissonant voices and faulty background circuitry. Finally, the sauntering bass on ‘ChelbergerHo’ gives momentum to atmospherics that inhabit the border between dark and light harmony, never quite resolving but always pushing forwards into the morning sunshine.”

Lossless wav is great, but vinyl sounds better :) Just add 30% of this price of the release to have a bundle of the vinyl & digital on our physical record store.

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