COD3 QR 010


COD3QR010 10 Sep, 2021

Salut everybody…after 4 years of hiding in the shadows with a label emphasis on letting the music speak for itself and only unveiling artist names two months after release date we can now pull back the velvet curtain to reveal the two people behind Cod3 QR. Both deliver a track each on the label’s 10th release…ladies and gentleman…Cod3 QR is Laurent Garnier and Scan X.

After much speculation…the cat is finally out of the bag. Laurent is of course one of the greatest techno DJs on the planet, having rocked every club and festival many times over. Whilst his legendary status has been catalogued recently both in words (the book ‘Electrochock’) and this year’s documentary film ‘Off The Record’ he remains as ever dedicated to the music first and foremost. Leading by example his slice of dancefloor techno on ‘How d’ya like your Beef’ is as funky and emotional as we have come to expect from France’s electronic ambassador.

Not to be outdone, his partner in crime, Stéphane Dri, aka Scan X, is one of the original pioneers of the French techno scene. His career began in 1993 when he released his first two EPs on the now legendary FNAC MUSIC imprint, run by Eric Morand and a certain Mnsr. Garnier. With his track ‘Internal’ he drags us into the murky depths with piercing sonar like stabs showing the way.

For this decimal release the EP is rounded off by Italian producers Speaking Minds & Amarcord collaborating on the deeper rolling sonics of ‘Poliritmo’ whilst finally we head to Uruguay with the exquisite, string-laden techno funk of Diego Infanzon’s ‘Bye Bye’. A stunning conclusion.

The enigmatic Cod3 QR have shown their hand….tell no one!

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