CHXIV01 29 Nov, 2021

Released on January 14, 2022 especially for the members of SubRosa Telegram channel, this new project for Chapelle XIV Music was composed By Elli Form during a month-long residency in the Chapelle XIV art gallery, using modulars and synthesizers. The fruit of this work resulted in an album, Home, rich of 19 titles for a total duration of about one hour and half. 

Elli Form is a mysterious producer who has already released two limited edition EPs on Yoyaku that have been very successful with music lovers, without ever revealing his identity.

Home is an introspective piece of work produced by the artist, in association with technology. With the help of probabilities and random movements, the artist programmed generative sequences of drums, synthesizer melody or even cutting samples.This dialogue between human and machine resulted in emotional, melancholic or joyful melodies, at the crossroads of musical genres.  An eclectic and textured consistency invites the listener to navigate between the different styles. The album starts with ambient tracks, before moving towards more raw rhythms, between electro, breaks and IDM. More danceable, this electronic music reveals Elli Form’s well known creative universe. To dance or to admire, the album has been thought to feel as good as at home. 

Lossless wav is great, but vinyl sounds better :) Just add 30% of this price of the release to have a bundle of the vinyl & digital on our physical record store.

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