Yoyaku Record Store, a reference record store in the underground scene, unveils AZE, a new digital platform for discovery and online purchase of electronic music.

Without giving up its passion and its investment in the development of the vinyl market (Yoyaku distributes more than 150 international labels and releases more than 120,000 records per year), the team is developing its activities to adapt to demand and continues to offer a simple and effective access to its audience made up mainly of DJs and amateurs of electronic music. Opening a digital catalog until then available only on vinyl support allows both artists and labels to make available to their audience a large number of past or current artistic productions, while keeping a strong link on all of their existing art.

AZE tends to offer the same services online as a record store, with a selection of releases handpicked by in-house teams, like other platforms which offer all label references without editorialization.

Many releases until now only available on vinyl are exclusively sold on AZE in digital format (Maceo Plex, Ricardo Villalobos, Molly, S.A.M, Steve O’Sullivan, Maayan Nidam, Dewalta, François X, Voiski, Seth Troxler, Craig Richards, Bruno Pronsato, Cassy, Satoshi Tomiie, Matthew Dear and many more…).

Since quality has always been one of Yoyaku’s watchwords in each of its activities, the formats offered on AZE can only be downloaded in wav, to ensure sound without loss of quality, which resonates equally well in headphones, home speakers, than on club sound systems.