33T.E.P.S.V. EP03

COD3QRUNCODED003 23 Sep, 2022

Earlier this year, label co-owner Laurent Garnier announced his series of five EPs to be released on Cod3 QR with each one being exclusively available via a different download store. The third EP of the series is exclusively available on Aze Digital.

On ’33T.E.P.S.V. EP03′ Laurent Garnier delivers two new monumental tracks bringing his unique and unrivalled story-telling music, that build in pace, layer upon layer, over their extended duration.

Concentrate EP

YOYAKU007 23 Sep, 2022

YOYAKU007 is the first collaboration between Janeret and DJOKO. The two artists’ encounter with each other’s productions marked the beginning of a strong musical connection.

Over the years, this musical connection was found humanly giving birth to mutualized sessions in studio. This synergy between Paris and Cologne pushed the two artists to collaborate on a bigger common project.

More than a simple featuring, the two composers wished to mix their musical identity, pushing this collaboration until the fusion of their artistic identity: JANEKO.

More Than Four

CHXIV05 23 Sep, 2022

Chris Korda’s upcoming release “More Than Four” is flagrant rhythmic heresy: electronic dance music that’s not only in odd time, but also in complex polymeter. Each of the album’s tracks uses at least four time signatures at once, typically including 3, 4, 5, and 7. The title isa pun on the 1966 Miles Davis album “Four & More.” The gatefold double LP has eleven tracks and features Korda’s artwork, and the digital version adds three bonus tracks.